Change Network Mode / Access Test mode in HTC

How to change network type in HTC/ Android using testing mode 

To access testing mode in HTC devices : (the device used for this tutorial is HTC vivid AT&T )

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Connect GPS from Android Phone To PC (GPS Tethering)

How to use GPS signal from android phone on your PC (GPS tethering)

This is an easy way how to use your laptop as navigation device using GPS signal from your android phone.

What you need:

1. Any android GPS enabled phone.
2.BlueNMEA app (free from google play store -market-)

2.Google Earth.

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The New Samsung Galaxy Y

I love the diversity Samsung provides to wide range of customers. Each product that I have used so far is designed to fulfill the needs, wants and desires of different types of people professionally and personally for practical, artistic and creative preferences.

Fits in your hand just right

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