[iPad] How To Make Personal Hotspot!

Today i will show you how you can make a wireless hotspot using your ipad, this is useful if you need to share your 3G connection or you want simply to make a local network to share files or photos.

What you'll need:
  • Jailbroken iPad
  • MyWi 4 apps
How To Make Personal Hotspot!
1. Install MyWi 4 app from Cydia.

2. After starting MyWi app you will have different option for creating your WiFi hotspot.

  • Using Bluetooth

  • Using USB port

  • Using WiFi connection

3. So i will make WiFi hotspot in this tutorial, trun WiFi Hotspot button to "on" ,

the status bar will start to blink, that means you are ready to connect to your network.

4. You can change a lot of options such as :

  • Name of the network

  • Security

  • WiFi channel, transmit power, auto shutdown...

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