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Anybody live in Jordan knows how there are a lot of shopping places everywhere, i am not talking about small shops, i am talking about mega-stores! the main problem here is the high price, and in a lot of times the low quality stuff ("made in china" !!! ) ,add to that; you don't find exactly what you want, especially for electronics and hardware parts . (ya you can find it , but for 3X the original price!)

So what to do ? The answer is online shopping, but wait!! is it safe? does my stuff arrive? they maybe lost? continue reading please.

Online Shopping , is it safe? 

First thing pop in the mind regarding online shopping is "is it safe?" ; so the answer is "yes ,it is; but.." there is some things you have to be aware of , for example dont ever buy from unknown online sites, don't ever enter your visa card number on unknown sites.....so how you will know which site is trusted? i will give you small tutorial for safe online shopping.

I can find my stuff at my local stores, so why should i go online? 

Simply you will get better quality ,for lower prices, i think i saved more than 50% of the stuff i bought online instead of buying them from local stores!

What can i buy online?

Well......everything , anything you want you will find online, but!!!! some stuff is not recommend to be bough online such as clothes or shoes , not because its not possible, but because European and USA standards for clothes differ than our standards.

What else? obviously prohibited things that will not get through the customs, such as explosive stuff, harmful, alcohol...etc

How much time it will take?

This depends on shipping methods and the place, usually if your stuff is coming from far east it will take around 2-3 week, if it comes from USA and Europe it will take around 2 week or less.

But as i said it depends on the shipping method , a lot of site offers faster shipping method that may decrease delivery time to around a week, of course it will cost more.

Does my stuff really arrive?

Yes! in 99% of times it will, but sometimes it may lost during the shipping, but don't worry, most of the sites offer a refund for your stuff in case it lost, i will explain this 

The shipping is costly?

No its not, in a lot of time you will pay nothing for shipping, but this will take around 2-3 weeks to arrive and maybe longer, but if you need your stuff really fast you will pay additional cost for fast shipping.

All this is theoretical talk, did you try it yourself?

Yes i did, i will give some example of some stuff i bought and the delivery time and the shipping cost.

Wireless headphone!
Price: 9$ (~6 JD)
how much it cost here? around 10-15 JD !!
Shipping Time: 3 Weeks.

Price: 3$ (~2 JD)
How much it cost here? around 10 JD !! 
Shipping Time: 4 Weeks.

Car charger for my phone.
Price: 2$ (~1 JD)
How much it cost here? around 5 JD !! 
Shipping Time: 2 Weeks.

Pouch for my phone!
Price: 3$ (~2 JD)
How much it cost here? I dont know, maybe the same (2 JD ) but i dont think i found something cool as that! 
Shipping Time: 2 Weeks.

Connector kit! 
Price: 35$ (~25 JD)
How much it cost here? around 45 JD !! yes!! double the price! 
Shipping Time: not arrived yet!

There is a lot of other stuff that i bought such as headphones, screen protectors, cables....etc which cost less than 1$ (~0.7 JD).

Okay...okay i want all that cool stuff, how can i start?

These steps applied to Jordan, and it based on my experience, so i will give the easiest way to do that.

1. You should get internet shopping card, and the best bank offer that is Iskan bank and Arab bank, i prefer to go with Iskan bank.

Iskan bank offers the card for 8 JD, and you can charge it with whatever amount you like, you get your card within minutes, and it ready to be used at the end of the day.

Arab bank card needs one week to get it, and it charge with JDs so you will pay exchange rate every time you buy something, but the good thing in Arab bank you can track all your purchase online which Iskan bank didn't offer that(not a big deal!)

2. After you get your card, go to PayPal.com and make account there,this site protects your card and your purchases as well, with this site you will use your user name and password to purchase stuff instead of using your visa card number each time, add to that , the site offer a protection for your purchase in a case the stuff didn't arrive or if you have any other problem.

3. After you make account at PayPal, they will ask you to associate your card, and then they will take 2.99$ to make sure that is your card for real and not anybody else, you will need to enter a unique number they included with the 2.99$ transfer, you can call the bank and ask them for that number, after you enter the number on PayPal they refund you back for 2.99 $ and you are ready to start buying stuff!

Where does my stuff delivered?

To your inbox (post office box)

Will the customs cause me any problem?

Usually no, unless your stuff is more than 150 JD, which will charge your for 20-28% of the original price.

What is the best sites to buy from? and safest as well?

A lot of sites are consider safe, but i like to use:

1. eBay.com 

2. Amazon.com (some stuff cant be shipped to Jordan!) 

I like to use eBay, you can find everything on it for good price and most of the stuff can be shipped to Jordan, any official sites is consider safe such as Microsoft, apple, ....etc

What if i really need that stuff and the seller dont offer shipping to Jordan?

Simply you can open account at Aramex.com , which provide you with two address, one in USA and one in UK ,and you can use these address to ship your stuff to, by that you will be sure that your stuff will be shipped safely and you will save some $$ for overseas shipping, add to that your stuff will arrive in less than a week!

Aramex offer one time payment for life long box, and they only charge your for the shipping cost depending on the weight of your package.


I really recommend online shopping for buying stuff that you cant find here, or if their prices are very high, and for electronic parts, mobile accessories, and Books, of course if you dont mind waiting for 2-3 weeks for your stuff to arrive! 

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2 Response to "[Case Study] Online Shopping - Jordan"

  1. Ala'a Hammad says:
    February 22, 2012 at 4:55 PM

    Thanks for information but i have question , suppose i want to buy an mobile from america ,how i can start process ? and what sites you preferred ?

  2. Dr.Mohammed says:
    February 22, 2012 at 8:07 PM


    well same steps applied to mobiles, but certain things u need to be aware of:

    1. will that phone work in Jordan?
    2. taxes will be applied to any phone comes from outside, so add around 16% to the original price.
    3. shipping preferred to be through good shipping company , aramex is the cheaper

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