[Case Study] Wireless Security In Jordan

I always been curious about how secure wireless networks in Amman (Jordan) ,so i decided to do a small project, Wardriving !

Wardriving In Amman (Jordan)

So here are the equipments i used:

  • LG P500 Optimus one mobile (GPS enabled)
  • Android OS 2.2 Froyo
  • Wifi Agent Apps (available for free in Google Market)
  • Google Earth (on my PC)
  • Calculator

So this journey took more than 1 hour and covered around 35 km of major streets in Amman, i started the application on my phone and placed it in a good place in the car to receive the best coverage, after that i uploaded the generated file to my PC and import it to Google earth ,after some calculation ,here are the results (summarized! for more details check Data section below):


Number of Access points (AP) : 1811

Encryption type:

Open : 202 (11%)
WEP : 379 (21%)
WPA : 1230 (68%)

Names of AP :

TP-LINK (15%)


In December 2004, a class of 100 undergraduates worked to map the city of Seattle, Washington over several weeks ,they found 5,225 access points; 44% were secured with WEP encryption, 52% were open, and 3% were pay-for-access. (wiki)

In my study the number was better , WEP encryption was only 21% , and only 11% were open, so does this mean that we are more secure than USA?! no , not necessary , because Seattle study conducted in 2004 when WEP encryption was so popular back then, but at the same time not secure at all! so 32% of our wireless network  here in Jordan are vulnerable to be hacked (21% WEP +11% Open) , as WEP is know to be not secure at all now and can be hacked within 10 minute .

Conclusion and Recommendation

32% of wireless network vulnerable to be hacked is very huge number ,add to that my project performed in the main street in the middle of Amman, where most of these network belong to either companies or governmental institution, so we have to change our encryption type to more secure one such as WPA/WPA2 (for more info how to secure your wireless network click here) , I think if this study performed around small streets and in residential areas ,i think the number will be more higher. 

About the AP names, most of the names were default names, and i think the password will be default too!

If you interested in the study or you want the data i collected please let me know. (Kml ,excel files....)

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  1. Qwaider قويدر says:
    January 5, 2011 at 11:52 AM

    So cool and very interesting! Wish I could have participated.

  2. Dr.Mohammed says:
    March 26, 2011 at 3:20 PM

    ya, it was fun too! i think i am going to do another one and cover more areas

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