[Internet] Disposable Email Address!

Don't you hate having a lot of spam emails in your personal email account? In most of times when you register in new website or forum there are a good chance that your email will be distributed to advertising companies, so you need email account to verify registration for websites and in the same time you don't want to use your personal email!! so here is the solution, Temporary (Disposable) email account!!!

Temporary Email Account I

1. Go to Mailinator .

2. With this site you don't have to do anything!! just send your emails to any chosen email address end with "@mailinator.com",such as Mohammed@mailinator.com ,MohammedSuperTech@mailinator.com ,or anything you want! the account automatically created after sending emails to it !!

3. Here an example when i sent email from my yahoo account to MohammedSuperTech@mailinator.com.

4. Then i went to Mailinator, and i entered my user name "MohammedSuperTech" in the box says "Check your inbox" in the left corner, and it arrived immediately!

5. You can delete or forward the email!

Temporary Email Account II

1. Go to guerrillamail.

2. Scroll down ,now you have two options ,either to make random email account ,or to choose specific user name.

3. Now your email is ready ,you will receive emails directly to this website ,you can click the "reload" button shown to check for new emails ,the email is valid for 1 hour ,but it can be extended!

4. In this site the email arrived after 5 minutes .

5. After clicking "show" button.....

6. You can delete or reply the email.

There are a lot of other services :

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