[How To] Boot From USB!

Booting from USB is very handy thing , if you need to do something when you are away from your computer , and if you want to do things privately using others computer .

How To Boot From USB!

1. Download UNetBootin . ( Sourceforge.net , 4.36 MB , EXE )

2. Install UNetBootin , and start it.

 3. Choose which distubuation you want and the version .

4. Now you can download .iso image from the website given , or you can locate it in your computer if you have it .

5. At the bottem of the screen , choose in which drive you want to create the bootable USB (My flash drive is drive K) and click OK.

6. Wait .....

7. Now reboot your computer, and remember you have to choose to boot from USB when your computer starts, this can be done either by clicking specific key (in my case F8) or to change the priorities in the boot setting in BIOS setup (press Del ) .

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