[Linux] Ubuntu 10.04 Is Here!

Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) officially released today , you can get it from following links:

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[LAN] How To Stream Using DVB Dream And VLC!

Today i will show you how to stream what you watch in DVB dream to another computer in the same network .

What you need : DVB dream (7.33MB) , VLC (17.6MB)

How to Stream Using DVB Dream and VLC!

1. Start DVB dream and go to "Option">"Preference"

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[Games] How To Hack Games Using Cheat Engine!

This tutorial maybe old somehow , but Cheat engine is one of most interesting programs i ever used, but the interesting thing that you can use this program with almost any kind of games you like, ordinary PC games, flash based games ....etc

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[Windows] Unused Features In Windows 7

There are a lot of useful features in Windows that we rarely use , one of these features "computer management" , today i will show you some highlights of what you can do using this service.

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[Linux] How To Install Ubuntu!

Today I will show you how to install Ubuntu .

Time needed: less than 20 minute.
Difficulty: piece of cake.
What you need: Ubuntu CD (I used ubuntu 9.10 desktop edition) , PC (duhh!)

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[Linux] Change MAC Address in Ubuntu 9.10!

Today I will show you how to change MAC address for your network card , this includes your wireless card , Ethernet card .... or any card you want!

Time needed : 5 min.
Difficulty : Easy!

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[Firefox] How to Backup Passwords & Bookmarks

Don't you feel upset after formatting your computer and losing all your saved passwords and bookmarks in Firefox ?! (a lot of them you don't even remember!) today i will show you how you can backup your passwords and bookmarks.

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