[LAN] How to Control Your LAN Computer Remotely, Part III

Today i will show you how you can transfer files using TeamViewer , its pretty easy way and straight forward, and how to shutdown the computer .

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[LAN] How to Control Your LAN Computer Remotely, Part II

After i showed you in the Previous Post how to turn on your computer by using Wake-On-LAN feature remotely , now i will show you how to control the computer using TeamViewer software (Download 2.6 MB) .

TeamViewer software is a wonderful tool that give you complete access to the other computer, so you can do everything ! starting from login into windows , copying files, restart the computer or shut it down, so youare using that remote computer as you are actually using it
,Now we will start with installing TeamViewer, you can download it for free from TeamViewer Web site , and then you have to install it , the installation process is pretty much like any other software installation, here is how to do it (in case you don't know!) step-by-step:
note: this step should be performed in both computer , the computer you want to access remotely and the master computer, for step number 5 its better to chose same password to make it easier for you to remember this password .

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