[LAN] How to Control Your LAN Computer Remotely, Part I

Imagine that! You are sitting in your room using your computer, then you wanted to listen to on of your favorite song, but you remember that this song is in your upstairs computer!! Damn!! And sure! You are too lazy to look for your flash and go upstairs and turn that computer on then copy it and back to your computer again!!! No way I will do that!! So what is the solution then?!

Well I will demonstrate here how you can control your computer remotely over your existing LAN, you don't have to have that complicated permissions or configure access policies and all that stuff! It needs a couple of softwares and some setting adjustment and that's it! So this article will be divided to the following sections:

1. Requirements.
2. Turn on your computer remotely.(here)
3. Control your computer.
4. Turn off your computer.

Now here is how you can do it!!
1. Requirements!!
What you need:

  • Wake on LAN supported Ethernet (don't freak out! I will explain this in next section!).
  • All-In-One:TeamViewer (it's free!!get it from here TeamViewer Download).
  • FUSION WakeUP on LAN (it's free!!! You can get it from here FUSION Download).

2. Turn on your computer remotely!
For this section Pc1 is the master computer, and Pc2 is the computer we want to turn it on remotely, I write at the beginning of each step which computer should be used for this step.

  1. {Pc2} Now you have to make sure that the computer you want to control (Pc2) support wake-on-LAN feature, this feature let the computer receive a command over your network that tell it to turn on, so you can do this by first turn off your computer, look behind you computer at your Ethernet card, you will see some lights there, if these lights are still on even the computer is off ;then your computer support this feature so skip to step 2.3; if not, don't worry, maybe the feature is not enabled yet! so continue to step 2.2

  2. {Pc2} If the lights still off behind your computer, now turn your computer and press Del key (delete) or F2 to enter to the BIOS configuration (how to enter to the BIOS is different depending on your computer type some computers use Del key, or F2 , if you don't know try to read what written in your screen as soon as you turn your computer ) so after you enter to the BIOS , look for Power configuration then WOL (wake-on-LAN) feature and enable it (again! The names could be different here too sometimes the feature called WoL, Remote Wake-Up or RWU).

  3. {Pc2} Now, go to Control Panel > System > Hardware tab > Device Manager > Network adapters > {your Ethernet card} > double click > Power Management > and enable the box says "Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby".

  4. {Pc2} Now you have to locate the MAC address for the computer you want to turn on , go to Control Panel > Network Connections > Local Area Network > double click > Support tab > click Details > now write down the numbers of what called "Physical Address " it should be something like "00-1B-B9-8E-20-3E", then turn off this computer.

  5. {Pc1} Go to PC1 (the master one!) and Install and run FUSION Wol software, then write the MAC address of Pc2 (the on you want to turn on remotely) on Mac address space, and hit Turn on Pc button (don't worry about other options like IP address and password; just leave them blank), now the PC2 should turn on by it self, if not maybe there is something wrong in your step, review them again.

    Next time I will explain how to control your computer using TeamViewer
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    no it will not work

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